2016 T2C 144 for sale- EVERY SINGLE OPTION!

IMG_3637January 21, 2017

2016 T2C – Almost but not quite a year old yet, < 30 hours on it.  LOADED!  Every single bad-ass option there is!  I’ve been calling this one “The Space Ship” because it just goes and goes and goes…

ODL04 Technora sail, with Technora window bottom surface as well.  Carbon front leading edges, carbon keel stinger, speed battens, raked tips, keel fairing, carbon down tubes, and of course the beautiful carbon base bar too.

Meticulously cared for, lovingly flown, but now looking for good home.  $9,500 FIRM.

IMG_3611January 21, 2017IMG_3610January 21, 2017IMG_3617January 21, 2017IMG_3618January 21, 2017IMG_3608January 21, 2017IMG_3615January 21, 2017IMG_3606January 21, 2017IMG_3605January 21, 2017IMG_3603January 21, 2017

Compare to ordering this new:

T2C 144 01A-1051  $8,885.00
P4 upgrade to ODL04 01A-A35  $300.00
Window BS 01A-A815  $350.00
Split Panel Charge 01A-A8  $150.00
Carbon Keel Stinger 01A-B30  $270.00
Keel Fairing 50F-1010  $90.00
Raked Tips 01A-A91  $200.00
Speed Battens 01A-A9  $300.00
Carbon Downtubes  01A-B301  $513.00
Carbon Front LE 01A-B31  $1,000.00
Black LE Vinyl (right side) 70H-1014  $75.00
TOTAL  $12,133.00