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The youngest person to fly from Telluride, Colorado.  September 16, 1988.

Launch is over 12,000 ft above sea level, and we climbed to almost 17,000 ft- the landing zone is around 9,000 ft.  Check out the tandem on a double surface glider (Wills Wing Sport I think?).  Dad still nailed the landing, of course. #respect #thanksdad! #experienceofalifetime #noonebeforeorsince #rememberitalways

Deer Valley Pow Turns

A fun Throwback Thursday video:

My first year working at Deer Valley, I was a videographer (NOT! a ski instructor).

Best compliment/insult I got that year?  “You ski like a really good PATROLLER.  It’s all wrong, but you look great doing it”

After becoming an instructor and pursuing certification… that comment is all the more funny, because I see exactly what they mean!

Just goes to show- there’s plenty of fun to be had even if your technique isn’t great… that’s one of my favorite things about skiing!  As I became more and more focused on technique, a lot of the fun got lost… but now that I’m out of the biz, and only ski a couple times each year… damn I have a lot of fun again!

TBT: Backcountry Pow Turns

Short video Des took of me, from the Alta parking lot if I remember correctly… skiing the ridge (backcountry) that faces West at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon.  Circa 2008 or so?

There’s something really special about hiking (touring) up a rugged mountain line, especially doing it alone.  Yea yea, I know touring alone is dangerous and yada yada… but the special thing is where your mind goes, alone and in that setting.

There’s also something very, very memorable for this New York boy, ripping top-to-bottom first track fresh… Skiing in-bounds was never quite as sweet after this.  And with this run, came the realization I could ski all sorts of unique places around the Wasatch! (Laziness and a strong self-preservation instinct shut down most of the lines I eyed over the years in Utah)

The Ultimate TBT: “Destiny”

I made this video back in 2005… It’s hard to believe TEN years have passed since then!

This is actual home video of me as a little… with a childhood like this, how could I grow up to be anything BUT a hang glider pilot?!  It’s all I’ve ever known or wanted…

When I made this video ten years ago- I heard the song first, and instantly knew the video I had to make.  I was away at school, and had to wait for a trip home to grab all the home video.  Then I needed some more current stuff, so my girlfriend at the time spent a day filming during a “wonder wind” at Ellenville (I married that girl, by the way!).

If you’ve been hang gliding a while you’ve maybe seen this already… but being that it’s ten years old now, maybe some of you haven’t.  I hope you enjoy…

As I re-watch it myself, it inspires me to keep chasing my dreams and passions- that the reward is always worth the work.  I hope it can have an equally meaningful input for you all as well 🙂

Throwback Thursday: Scott Jewell

If you knew him… this is sure to make you smile… and maybe cry :-/

I made this video for the late Scott Jewell as a Christmas present, circa 2006 give or take a year. It’s a mix of some footage we we went out and shot to make a cool hang gliding movie, and some of his favorite video-captured exploits like the skydiver drop (captured on VHS).

All of this was pre-HD video, pre-GoPros… it’s either VHS, VHS-mini, or the nicer stuff was my semi-pro mini-DV camera. It was a lot more work to mount these bigger and heavier cameras on gliders back then!

Scott was a fun, full of life character… and it didn’t matter what you were doing- if he was there, it was going to be a hysterical adventure.

He was truly a man who didn’t JUST live a life worth living, but he made everyone’s lives around him worth living, too!  In respect to this spirit we named our kid after him, starting with the knickname Scottie and working backwards until we finally arrived at the full name Scarlett (which suits her perfect, like it was all meant-to-be)!

Cheers to you buddy, wherever you are now… I miss you every day.

TBT: First Loops

My first loop was on the day of Scott “Loop It” Jewell’s service.  He was loved by so many, and as such his service was very well attended by pilots from near and far.  It was also forecasted to be a classic flying day in Ellenville.

It was a perfect impromptu memorial fly in!  And it felt so right to do my first loop on this day.


TBT: Tandems All Over

Some memorable flights with dad…

Valle de Bravo, Mexico

Valle de Bravo, Mexico

Can't remember where, Virginia maybe?

Can’t remember where, Virginia maybe?

Truck towing at Pocono E Stroudsburg Airport, PA

Truck towing at Pocono E Stroudsburg Airport, PA


TBT: Just a regular kid… at some random flying site


TBT: Dizzying Backflip Makes Headlines

About a year ago, a short video clip I had posted made headlines… in Australia?!

It also spurred a pretty radical discussion about how low is “too low” for aerobatics… All I’ll say is that this wasn’t as low, or upside down, as it looks.  Regardless, it was cool getting noticed down undah.

TBT: South Side Skyout

I recently came across this footage, filmed with the original GoPro Hero (the first one, before they were HD).  I’m flying my aluminum Wills Wing T2, which makes this sometime in the spring or summer of 2009.

A great day at the South Side, thermalling up above the “Blue Balls” radio antennas, and drifting way back almost to the North Side bench!  Looks like I wasn’t flying with a vario… and I only vaguely remember the day… no idea how high I was actually getting, but it looks pretty stinkin’ high from a little 300′ gravel pile!

I have mixed feelings watching this video… Having moved back to NY, I miss the hot summer days of hanging at the South Side and soaring the “training hill” playground all day.  Looking at the video I see how the mountain looked then, and knowing what it looks like now- how much of it has been destroyed- makes me very sad.  I also see some great cu’s popping over the mountains, and can’t help but wonder… on a day where we were thermalling this high at the South Side… did I miss a 17,999 ft day in the mountains?  Or could this have been a State-record beating XC day (220 miles)?  Whatever it could have been doesn’t really matter… watching this video brings back warm memories of a fun day with great people at one of the best sites in the world.