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2016 T2C 144 for sale- EVERY SINGLE OPTION!

IMG_3637January 21, 2017

2016 T2C – Almost but not quite a year old yet, < 30 hours on it.  LOADED!  Every single bad-ass option there is!  I’ve been calling this one “The Space Ship” because it just goes and goes and goes…

ODL04 Technora sail, with Technora window bottom surface as well.  Carbon front leading edges, carbon keel stinger, speed battens, raked tips, keel fairing, carbon down tubes, and of course the beautiful carbon base bar too.

Meticulously cared for, lovingly flown, but now looking for good home.  $9,500 FIRM.

IMG_3611January 21, 2017IMG_3610January 21, 2017IMG_3617January 21, 2017IMG_3618January 21, 2017IMG_3608January 21, 2017IMG_3615January 21, 2017IMG_3606January 21, 2017IMG_3605January 21, 2017IMG_3603January 21, 2017

Compare to ordering this new:

T2C 144 01A-1051  $8,885.00
P4 upgrade to ODL04 01A-A35  $300.00
Window BS 01A-A815  $350.00
Split Panel Charge 01A-A8  $150.00
Carbon Keel Stinger 01A-B30  $270.00
Keel Fairing 50F-1010  $90.00
Raked Tips 01A-A91  $200.00
Speed Battens 01A-A9  $300.00
Carbon Downtubes  01A-B301  $513.00
Carbon Front LE 01A-B31  $1,000.00
Black LE Vinyl (right side) 70H-1014  $75.00
TOTAL  $12,133.00

Scarlett the ROCK CLIMBER

I am *SO* super proud of my brave little girl, who asked to go rock climbing completely unsolicited. Uncle Justin was a huge help in making it happen- thank you!!
She climbed way better than I could have imagined any 3 year old climbing, and went all the way to the very top and tagged the top rope anchor! I thought maybe she would have fun playing around a little… swinging on the rope… wearing the “sticky shoes”… but never did I expect the kind of courage this kid showed by climbing so stinking high.
Maybe my favorite part was seeing that she wasn’t without fear… she was cautious, and thought through each move. She was a little scared, but it didn’t stop her from experiencing the thing she wanted to do.  It was spectacular to experience… for me! Maybe just another day in the life for Scarlett Cruz Voight? 😉
My daughter is my role model!

Lookout Landing Clinic in the news

Someone’s been telling lies about me again!  But it’s cool the clinic has gotten some good press for our sport

Read the article here

I’m also hoping for a little extra-curricular video shoot opportunity… Weather and park permitting


TBT: Aerobatics with Smokes… with Dad!

Ryan-1st Aero-smokes

My first aerobatics with smokes. I’m so lucky to have such a cool dad! Flying into Teddy and Leanne’s party from Ascutney, VT 7/22/1989 (age 4).
I still remember dad let me pull the pin on the smoke, and the pop of the igniter. I was hooked instantly…

Selling the “Sundancer” T2C

This has been, hands down, the best glider I have ever owned or flown!  I’ve never had so many amazing, memorable experiences in such a short span of time as I have since getting this wing.  It’s been a wild ride!HGPGcover1307

But, like all good rides, they must come to an end.  I’m rehabbing from a shoulder reconstruction, and won’t by flying for quite a while still (possibly not until the Spring).  And when I do start flying again, I’ll ease into things on my Falcon for a good while first.

SO- not that there’s ever really a good time to part with a great wing- but I don’t imagine there will ever be a more “logical” time than right now.

“Sundancer” T2C 144, serial # 40410
Sail manufacture date 4/8/2011

  • Sail is UVPT White (not the cool clear stuff, but excellent visibility to others)
  • Includes all the T2C standard issue goodness: Carbon aft LE’s, carbon sprogs, carbon-kevlar LE inserts, carbon speed bar (LOVE!) and 12mm battens.
  • Currently has the “World Team” carbon DT’s (slightly narrower profile than even the Slipstream legs for slightly more performance at speed).  If you’d prefer aluminum Slipstream legs I can do that and take $100 off.
  • Sail has no more than 200 hours on it, with lots of life left in it.  It’s always been super babied, and the UV-stabilized Mylars are lasting as long as Dacron these days- with the added benefit of 0-stretch.  It still performs outstanding.
  • All general maintenance is up-to-date; Side wires and tip wands were recently replaced.
  • Original and one-of-a-kind (except for my matching Falcon4) sail colors look great up close and from afar.  Photographs well and gets lots of positive attention everywhere I go 🙂


  • Glider is located in Ellenville, NY and is available for test flight to serious buyers.
  • I am willing to pack and ship (no charge to pack, buyer pays shipping).
  • If you are interested or have questions I can be reached using the ‘Contact’ link above.

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 3.02.56 PMcartelweblogos6-2012


*I will not sell this glider to a new or unqualified pilot.  If you’re not a H4 or higher rated pilot, and I don’t know you, please ask an instructor or mentor to endorse this transaction*