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Aerial Photography

I’ve been doing a lot of ‘AP’ lately (which is what cool people call Aerial Photography).  I’m really enjoying the aerial perspective and having a new and exciting method of image capture. Here is my 1-minute demo reel showing my favorite shots so far:   The industry surrounding using these remote control drones- for lack of…

Flying in a winter-wonderland

Pilot is Paul Voight taking a winter-wonderland flight in Ellenville, NY

Flying from the road ramp

Finished the video edit from last Monday (2/17/14) flying off the Rt 52 road-ramp… it was a short flight with one good thermal, a glide down to the doctor’s house and back to the LZ with enough altitude for one maneuver- barely.  Snow in the LZ was knee-deep and all landings had to be no-steppers. …

Smokin’ Aerobatics