Hang Gliding Nightmare

I don’t usually have flying dreams… but when I do, they are about hang gliding.  It’s probably because I started so young- I don’t imagine “flying”, I imagine hang gliding situations and adventures.

Last night, I have a vivid nightmare… and it’s the first time I recall hang gliding being in a negative dream.

I was at the first day of a foot-launch hang gliding comp, and happened to be first in the launch order.  We were all set up, harnessed in, ready to launch, and waiting for the launch window to open.  Just as it opens, I realize that I forgot to download the turn-points into my instruments, and I never set up a task to follow.

Obviously, if you launch without GPS coordinates and a set task… you’ll be lost!  So I was running around launching, holding up the launch window, trying to find someone who could help me.  I kept asking people to export the waypoints onto an SD card, because then I could import them into my instrument.  But everyone just shook their head and said they couldn’t help me…

I call it a nightmare because that feeling of forgetting something important, and being lost without savior… well it’s not a very nice feeling!  I’m sure my Freudian friends would tell me this dream has significant and deep meaning.  Whatever…

Has anyone else had hang gliding dreams?  How about ones that were negative rather than positive?