• Loving husband and father
  • Instrument rated commercial pilot (ASEL and AMEL)
  • FAA Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI)
  • Master rated hang glider pilot
  • Photographer and content producer
  • Published writer
  • Certified instructor in hang gliding, paragliding, and skiing
  • Hang gliding instructor certification administrator/examiner
  • Highly professional and service oriented
  • Honest and open, with strong moral fiber


I live my life with my head in the clouds— flying as much as I can, and dreaming about flying when I can’t.  I grew up flying hang gliders, pursuing expertise in instruction and aerobatic flight.  My passion for aviation is contagious, keeping me and all those around me humble, learning, and ever-improving.

But I am so much more than the things I do or am good at; I am a loving husband to my incredibly supportive wife, Desiree, and together we navigate the adventures of parenthood with our two amazing daughters, Scarlett (9) and Piper (6).

I might not win husband-of-the-year, but I give my all and certainly bring passion, a genuine strive for perfection, and a quirky sense of humor into all aspects of my life. I’m a unique blend of youthful exuberance meets experienced vigilance, where my drive and passion engage me and my enthusiasm fuels the journey. I like being meticulously (refreshingly?) calculating- not letting risk scare me away from living life, but also only accepting risk in an educated and sustainable way that gets me home for supper with the fam.

There is a lot more to being a pilot than merely operating an aircraft, and my aim is to bring that level of precision and care into who I am and all I do.