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Scarlett the ROCK CLIMBER

I am *SO* super proud of my brave little girl, who asked to go rock climbing completely unsolicited. Uncle Justin was a huge help in making it happen- thank you!! She climbed way better than I could have imagined any 3 year old climbing, and went all the way to the very top and tagged…

Lookout Landing Clinic in the news

Someone’s been telling lies about me again!  But it’s cool the clinic has gotten some good press for our sport

Read the article here

I’m also hoping for a little extra-curricular video shoot opportunity… Weather and park permitting


TBT: Aerobatics with Smokes… with Dad!

My first aerobatics with smokes. I’m so lucky to have such a cool dad! Flying into Teddy and Leanne’s party from Ascutney, VT 7/22/1989 (age 4).I still remember dad let me pull the pin on the smoke, and the pop of the igniter. I was hooked instantly…

Selling the “Sundancer” T2C

This has been, hands down, the best glider I have ever owned or flown!  I’ve never had so many amazing, memorable experiences in such a short span of time as I have since getting this wing.  It’s been a wild ride! But, like all good rides, they must come to an end.  I’m rehabbing from…