Contest Entry and HG Publicity

If you follow me here on my blog, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or stalk me from the bushes (must be cold this time of year) you already know I do a bit of aerial photography and videography using a small quadcopter.

Well the company that makes the quad and gimbal I use, DJI, is running a contest where users of their products tell the story of how we’re applying the technology in our personal or business lives.  I suspect it’s a strategic and very smart move that they’ll covertly use in lobbying law-makers to make “drones” as loosely regulated as possible, but maybe that’s just the conspiracy-theorist in me…

Anyway, I shared my story- how a “flying camera” has let me capture some pretty inspirational images and videos of hang gliding, which I think really convey what it’s like to get up there and fly.
You can read my entry here:

Well DJI picked up the story and shared it among their social media outlets a few days ago.  “DJI Global” has 675,087 likes on Facebook, 252k followers on Twitter, and 53k followers on Instagram… so that’s a LOT of people seeing hang gliding in their feed!  I’m stoked!

BUT THIS IS ALSO A CONTEST… So if everyone could take a minute and “like” the posts, I’d be super appreciative!  First place is a bigger, faster, much more pro quadcopter that shoots pretty stunning 4k HD video… and I would *love* to get some hang gliding footage into the world with that puppy!  So help me, help hang gliding… take a sec and click like on the following posts (please)