Scarlett the ROCK CLIMBER

I am *SO* super proud of my brave little girl, who asked to go rock climbing completely unsolicited. Uncle Justin was a huge help in making it happen- thank you!!
She climbed way better than I could have imagined any 3 year old climbing, and went all the way to the very top and tagged the top rope anchor! I thought maybe she would have fun playing around a little… swinging on the rope… wearing the “sticky shoes”… but never did I expect the kind of courage this kid showed by climbing so stinking high.
Maybe my favorite part was seeing that she wasn’t without fear… she was cautious, and thought through each move. She was a little scared, but it didn’t stop her from experiencing the thing she wanted to do.  It was spectacular to experience… for me! Maybe just another day in the life for Scarlett Cruz Voight? 😉
My daughter is my role model!