Selling the “Sundancer” T2C

This has been, hands down, the best glider I have ever owned or flown!  I’ve never had so many amazing, memorable experiences in such a short span of time as I have since getting this wing.  It’s been a wild ride!HGPGcover1307

But, like all good rides, they must come to an end.  I’m rehabbing from a shoulder reconstruction, and won’t by flying for quite a while still (possibly not until the Spring).  And when I do start flying again, I’ll ease into things on my Falcon for a good while first.

SO- not that there’s ever really a good time to part with a great wing- but I don’t imagine there will ever be a more “logical” time than right now.

“Sundancer” T2C 144, serial # 40410
Sail manufacture date 4/8/2011

  • Sail is UVPT White (not the cool clear stuff, but excellent visibility to others)
  • Includes all the T2C standard issue goodness: Carbon aft LE’s, carbon sprogs, carbon-kevlar LE inserts, carbon speed bar (LOVE!) and 12mm battens.
  • Currently has the “World Team” carbon DT’s (slightly narrower profile than even the Slipstream legs for slightly more performance at speed).  If you’d prefer aluminum Slipstream legs I can do that and take $100 off.
  • Sail has no more than 200 hours on it, with lots of life left in it.  It’s always been super babied, and the UV-stabilized Mylars are lasting as long as Dacron these days- with the added benefit of 0-stretch.  It still performs outstanding.
  • All general maintenance is up-to-date; Side wires and tip wands were recently replaced.
  • Original and one-of-a-kind (except for my matching Falcon4) sail colors look great up close and from afar.  Photographs well and gets lots of positive attention everywhere I go 🙂


  • Glider is located in Ellenville, NY and is available for test flight to serious buyers.
  • I am willing to pack and ship (no charge to pack, buyer pays shipping).
  • If you are interested or have questions I can be reached using the ‘Contact’ link above.

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*I will not sell this glider to a new or unqualified pilot.  If you’re not a H4 or higher rated pilot, and I don’t know you, please ask an instructor or mentor to endorse this transaction*