This is How We Float

I’m as guilty as anyone; We get caught up in trying to get higher, go farther, and faster.  We’re scrutinizing over reducing drag, and increasing glide performance.  Perpetually studying where to find and how to maximize lifting air.

And all of that is fun.  Damn fun!  But it’s not all there is to flying, and that path can take us farther and deeper down the rabbit hole, distancing us ever more from hang gliding’s roots.

This special day, flying the South Side of Point of the Mountain in Utah, was without doubt some of the MOST FUN I HAVE EVER HAD in a hang glider.  And, if you don’t know me, let me just say… I have had a lot of fun in hang gliders!  😉

I hope you enjoy the video: This is How We Float!

Pilot: Ryan Voight
Glider: Wills Wing Falcon 4, 195 sq. ft.
Harness: Wills Wing Flylite 3
Site: Point of the Mountain South Side Flight Park (Lehi, Utah)