Wills Wing T2C “Sundancer” for sale – $4800

This has been, hands down, the best glider I have ever owned or flown!  I’ve never had so many amazing, memorable experiences in such a short span of time as I have since getting this wing.  It’s been a wild ride!HGPGcover1307

But, like all good rides, they must come to an end.  In addition to flying, photography/video is a passion of mine… and I feel it’s time for a new “look”… I’ve debated just purchasing a new sail for the current frame, but this sail could get another season or two or maybe more if well cared for… so I’d hate for it to end up on a shelf in my basement.  It’s too sweet a wing for that, and it’s been too good to me for such a sad early retirement due to ego-vanity  😉

“Sundancer” T2C 144, serial # 40410
Sail manufacture date 4/8/2011

  • Sail is UVPT White (not the cool clear stuff, but excellent visibility in flight)
  • Includes all the T2C standard issue goodness: Carbon aft LE’s, carbon sprogs, carbon-kevlar LE inserts, carbon speed bar (LOVE!) and 12mm battens.
  • Additional upgrades: Carbon keel “stinger”, carbon fiber raked tip extensions, and “World Team” carbon downtubes (slightly narrower profile than even the Slipstream legs- very slightly more performance at speed, and lots more bling).
  • Sail has no more than 300 hours on it, with plenty of life left in it.  It’s always been super babied, and the UV-stabilized Mylars are lasting as long as Dacron these days- with the added benefit of 0-stretch.  It still performs outstanding- I saw no disadvantage in glide flying side-by-site with Zac, Dustin, Jonny, et al last September… and this glider put me finishing 6th overall.
  • All general maintenance is up-to-date; Side wires and tip wands were recently replaced.
  • Original and one-of-a-kind (except for my matching Falcon4) sail colors look great up close and from afar.  Photographs well and gets lots of positive attention everywhere I go 🙂


  • Glider is located in Ellenville, NY and is available for test flight to serious buyers.
  • I am willing to pack and ship (no charge to pack, buyer pays shipping)… but would strongly prefer not to!
  • If you are interested or have questions I can be reached using the ‘Contact’ link above.

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*I will not sell this glider to a new or unqualified pilot.  If you’re not a H4 or higher rated pilot, and I don’t know you, please ask an instructor or mentor to endorse this transaction*